Dirt Road Dust Control for Summer 2021

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Is your city or town full of dirt roads that are used every day for essential travel? Do you own a business with a dirt parking lot or are you an outdoor space next to a dirt parking lot? Or do you work in a dusty construction or mining area? If any of the above sounds like your organization, it is essential that you take advantage of a dust control solution. Not only is excessive dust annoying, but it can also be hazardous to your health and damaging to vehicles and property. Check out how you can impart dirt road dust control solutions with Rasevic Companies!

Why Control Dust?

Dust is created when the loose top layer of soil gets picked up by the wind or other breeze. Small soil and gravel particles do not adhere to the road surface and thus fly into the air. Excessive dust needs to be controlled because it can lead to dangerous health effects such as coughing, trouble breathing, and sickness. If you or your employees work outside surrounded by dust, there should be cause for concern. If your organization involves people being outside next to large dirt plots, this is also a cause for concern. Dust can also get into the machinery of various equipment and vehicles and cause damages. Property can also get damaged by dust as it gets into every crack and corner and becomes impossible to completely remove. Excessive dust production can be harmful in so many ways, making it essential for you to control it with the best dust control products.

How to Control Dust for Dirt Roads

There are a number of ways to control dust on dirt roads, including road watering, traffic reduction, and the most effective: chloride chemical dust control products. If you are looking for dirt road dust control at the lowest cost, you can have your town or residents reduce traffic on all dirt roads. With fewer cars and trucks traveling on the roads, there will be less movement and less dust being picked up and thrown into the air. In combination with this, it would also be effective to have vehicles reduce their speed as well, as this will also lower the amount of movement, and thus dust production. While this option may sound simple, it can be difficult to accomplish if your dirt roads are utilized for essential travel throughout the entire day. If vehicle speed and traffic reduction are not an option, the next lower-cost option would be to continuously water your dirt roads. This keeps the road surface damp and prevents dust particles from escaping into the air. While this dust control solution may seem ideal, it requires frequent application, which in turn requires vehicles, manpower, and time. Watering trucks need the road surface to be clear in order to apply the water, which means your organization would need to shut down the roads for a period of time. The most cost-effective and efficient dust control solution is to apply a Magnesium Chloride or Calcium Chloride dirt road dust control product. These products are best applied by a professional, such as Rasevic Companies, by a spraying truck that coats the road surface with the chemicals. Chloride products work by absorbing moisture from the air and using it to keep road surfaces damp and soil particles glued to the surface. The high concentration of chlorides in these products make them more effective at controlling dust for longer periods of time compared to any other dust suppressant method. Due to high chloride concentrations, these products can be dangerous if not applied properly, making it important that you allow a professional to treat your dirt roads for dust. Utilizing chloride products saves you time, money, vehicles, and manpower and allows you and your organization to enjoy being outdoors in the warm weather.

Dirt Road Dust Control From Rasevic Companies

You need to invest in professional dirt road dust control services from Rasevic in order to free your outdoor space from excessive dust production. Let residents, customers, or the occasional passerby enjoy the beauty of your organization without getting a mouthful of dust this summer. Get a quote from Rasevic Companies today to save time and money while also preventing dust!

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