4 Reasons to Control Dust at Construction Sites

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dust control at construction site

Dust can be a major hinderance to any construction site. Excessive amounts of dust in the air can lead to reduced visibility, worker health concerns, slower projects, and greater costs. Luckily, there are many ways to control dust at construction sites and keep productivity at an all time high. The most effective dust control solutions are Magnesium Chloride and Calcium Chloride products.

Why Your Company Needs to Control Dust at Construction Sites

1. Improve Worksite Visibility

If your construction site has excessive amounts of dust in the air, worker and vehicle visibility may be reduced. It is difficult to accomplish precision work with clouds of dust. Failing to control dust at construction sites can lead to subpar construction. Additionally, vehicles may have a hard time navigating dusty sites and could end up having trouble completing their jobs. Controlling dust helps to improve air quality and working quality, leading to higher productivity rates and better projects.

2. Keep Workers Safe

Inhaling large amounts of dust can be hazardous to the health of construction workers on site. The dust particles can get in their lungs and cause coughing and breathing problems. Additionally, dust can get in their eyes and impair their vision, reducing their visibility and accuracy on the job. It is important to control dust to keep workers safe. Additionally, this ensures that construction is faster and more efficient.

3. Stabilize Road Surfaces

Dust control solutions such as Magnesium and Sodium Chloride products help to stabilize road surfaces and reduce dust production. By keeping the roadways damp, this also keeps the unpaved construction site surface in place. A stable construction road surface is safer for both workers and vehicles, as neither have to be concerned with unstable potholes that could cause damage. Water application also acts as a stabilizer, however this method requires more frequent application. This takes more time away from the project and more workers to continuously apply the water, so it may not be the most effective dust control solution for your job.

4. Reduce Overall Construction Costs

Ultimately, controlling dust on construction sites helps to lower the overall cost of the project. This is due to the fact that construction workers and vehicles move faster in optimal conditions and won’t be slowed down by reduced visibility, hazardous coughing, or unstable ground. Productivity rates are higher with less dust, allowing construction to be completed in less time.

Suppress Dust with Magnesium Chloride and Calcium Chloride

While there are many different methods of controlling dust on a construction site, Magnesium Chloride and Calcium Chloride are the most effective dust suppressants. This is due to their hygroscopic nature, which allows these chlorides to absorb moisture from the air and keep road surfaces damp. Dust particles become trapped in the surface and are not released into the air. Chlorides are more cost efficient than other dust control solutions because they require fewer applications, which allows for construction projects to remain running for longer.

Choose Rasevic Companies for Dust Control Application

Choosing to apply Magnesium or Calcium chloride to a construction site before work begins allows a project to have increased visibility, safer working conditions, stable roadways, and higher productivity rates at a lower cost. Both Calcium Chloride and Magnesium Chloride are available in liquid and flake form, at similar concentrations and effectiveness. Truck machinery applies these chlorides to the site surface for a simple and even application. Proper application of these products is essential for maximum benefits, and Rasevic Companies offer premium dust control services. Contact Rasevic today for a quote to control dust on your next construction site and save both time and money!