What are Snow Relocation Services?

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Snow piles needing snow relocation services

Snow Relocation services are something that crops up from time to time when discussing snow removal with your service provider, either on your commercial business or your government facilities. Sometimes just plowing the snow isn’t enough and you need to literally relocate the snow or remove it from the area rather than pushing it around.

A lot goes into the snow removal process. It’s less of a process and more about proper snow & ice management. Once the season starts, it’s a continuous maintenance schedule to handle the ice management and ensure that the roads and walkways are safe for usage instead of simply shutting down the greater mid-Atlantic region.

That would seem beyond comical if Washington, DC, Baltimore, Maryland, and Virginia would just shut down due to the snow pile up, waiting for the snow to naturally melt without any type of snow removal service or snow & ice management.

What is Snow Relocation versus just Snow Plowing?

After working with a service provider of snow removal services for your commercial business, you might notice the roads are clear for driving, the walkways are clear for pedestrians, and even the dirt roads to industrial companies are clear as well. Still, there’s a wall of snow just piled up. That snow pile will be there for the season, and since it’s not causing immediate damage, many won’t use ice melt or rock salt simply because the pile is too big.

Snow Relocation services are when a snow removal service provider will literally haul out the excessive snow after all the snow plowing is done and get it out of there. OR some contractors have special trucks to melt snow on-site, but that requires a good area to run off that new water so it doesn’t freeze on surfaces and create a whole new problem. Snow relocation is not just with shovels that are used with a team throwing the snow at the back of a pickup truck, but actual heavy-duty tractors and trucks are used to lift out and carry the snow and debris away from the side of the road.

This is one of the final steps of professional snow & ice management and is a necessary step that any professional service provider should be doing for their customers, whether it’s government agencies or manufacturing companies.

Why is Snow Relocation necessary?

Snow piles can be dangerous for a number of reasons. First, they are controlled by the temperature around them. Typically they will melt a bit during a sunny day and refreeze when the weather gets cold again, especially at night. That means as the water is improperly draining slowly, it’ll refreeze in the grounds, grass, roadways, and walkways and will start to cause damage to the area. For example, if it’s in a parkway or a backyard, it’ll cause soil erosion as the ice melts to water and drags it away, refreezing when it gets cold.

If it’s in a driveway or parking garage, the snow pile will melt and create water in the ground and refreeze, causing it to expand and eventually crack and erode those places. When the spring and summer months hit the mid-Atlantic and the snow subsides, the damage will be visible, requiring an additional repair from road construction crews.

It is also dangerous to have snow piles around because they reduce visibility as cars and pedestrians are moving around a parking lots, roads and walkways. Snow piles block people from seeing around corners and such, causing a higher risk of accidents.

Another reason snow relocation services are necessary sometimes is to free up more space. If the parking lot or road has limited parking, relocating the snow to another area off-site will give you much more space.

Ask about Snow Relocation services

When working with your snow removal service provider for your industrial, commercial, or local municipalities, make sure that their offering is complete and not just one item, such as only plowing snow only. Snowplowing is not enough, and it should be a comprehensive and end-to-end solution that covers everything from even before the first snowflake falls onto the road to prevent dangerous accidents.

Ensure that they have a wide range of equipment, from semi-trucks with various plows to the team working to clear out the snow where the trucks cannot go. Snow & ice management is all about removing the snow as fast as possible but also effectively. Having a variety of equipment helps with these things.

One doesn’t want ice to happen because even with the tools and materials used to eliminate that ice, there’ll still be places that will freeze over and cause ice to form and the potential danger to happen.

The winter season is long and can get intense in the mid-Atlantic region, so it’s important to plan ahead.

How to plan ahead

Now that snow relocation has been appropriately defined, it’s time to ensure that a service provider of snow removal for government properties has snow relocation as one of the many services they will include in the service contract. Although the snow removal service providers have the right equipment and sufficient workforce, getting those contracts up and running sooner than later is essential because the demand for experienced snow & ice management experts is on the rise.

So you don’t want to be left out in the cold, whether you need a snow removal service provider for a commercial business, industrial company, or government facilities.

A little bit of planning, including a proper snow relocation schedule, will keep the area safe and the snow & ice gone. Contact Rasevic with questions or a free quote today!