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Once the weather gets down to that freezing point, no matter how much you don’t want to think about it, all those snowstorms in the mid-Atlantic region ranging from DC through Maryland and Delaware will cause ice.

Many people just think that snow and ice will rapidly melt and be gone once it goes above that point of freezing. That rarely happens in the Mid-Atlantic, and what will usually happen instead is a bit of melting, then the waters are still there and eventually re-freeze overnight. If there’s additional snow the following days, it can help to insulate the temperature and keep that ice and frost going strong and not being removed.

Even an hour or two with ice is dangerous on roads, walkways and parking surfaces. It’s not just the local municipalities and their roadways that need attention. It’s essential to find the right snow removal service provider for commercial businesses, industrial companies, and manufacturing companies, as they can’t shut the economy down just because of icy roads.

Having that professional service provider under contract and providing ice management services over the entire season can help alleviate the stress and risk these Mid-Atlantic snowstorms cause. It’s better to stay ahead of winter weather every season than wait and try to react to snowstorms without a plan already in place.

If you wait to get ice control services, then you’re already going to be too late when the snow hits. Then you won’t have the best service provider for all types of snow & ice management services.

The process of effective ice management

First, make sure that you try not to do this without the help of a professional like Rasevic Snow Services. Going into the season without a professional snow removal contractor for your government properties and just having employees douse the sidewalks and pathways with rock salt, or even worse, sand, is not going to cut it. There’s no proper equipment and no training on consistently deploying the salt and other products.

Your snow and ice management service provider will assess the current situation and will do some anti-icing activities to prepare the roads for the big snowfall. That’s right; the process begins before there’s even one snowflake on the ground. First, they take extensive amounts of low-cost liquid brine and spread all the roads with it. Don’t worry if you think that the liquid brine itself will melt as it has a much lower freezing point than plain water due to the salt components in the solution.

As the snow removal service provider waits for that first snowfall to hit, the roads are already prepared to start melting away that ice and absorbing that moisture, so there’s no ice formation.

Before the plowing begins, trucks are pumping out rock salt and ice melt combinations all across the road. So while one person is driving down the road, the rest of the team is on shoveling crew duty and using sidewalk salters to get as much salt content and bulk salt on the streets.

With the liquid brine below and the chloride-based products above, now the action can begin, and the ice management continues by having the v-plows and box plows push aside the snow from the main surfaces and provide safe walkways, parking lots and roads.

Monitoring ice management services all season

That was simply the first phase of a professional ice management service provider. As the weather fluctuates throughout the season and new storm fronts come, your service provider handling those federal properties and commercial businesses is monitoring the entire situation.

They check to see how their work is doing and ensure that the snow is melting rapidly. This isn’t a process that you can complete in weeks or even days, and snow should be having an effect and melting as soon as it hits the liquid brine and even faster with ice melt on top of it.

Just clean up any tough spots or pile-ups with snow relocation services if the job is done. Then, if there’s still snow everywhere, the process (minus the liquid brine) begins all over again. This constant vigilance and monitoring are what come from the best ice management service providers out there.

Get the ice management services you need

It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for a snow removal service provider for government properties or industrial companies or something else; the application and management are the same with true professionals. It’ll help to keep job sites much safer, especially in those industrial areas, where there’s so much movement of heavy machinery. Ice management is crucial there, as we wouldn’t want to see something like a tractor or pickup truck skid on the ice when it didn’t have to.

That’s why it’s always critical to plan ahead of time with your snow removal service provider for your business, municipalities, or even residential zones so that these snow and ice contractors can adequately estimate the amount of equipment and raw materials that will be needed for the upcoming storms.

Don’t worry if you come unprepared and still need services but forgot to book them in advance. Snow & Ice management services companies are always aware of a few outliers, and areas lag behind, so they’re fully stocked for a few seasons in advance. As well as them having an annual business offering when it’s not snowing, but the same equipment and materials apply.

Just remember that the worst thing to do is not work with a service provider for your industry on-ice control and ice management. It will cause so many issues and will not go away in just a couple of minutes or hours. It needs to be maintained as the snowfall comes in and the temperatures get cold.

By working with expert service providers with ice management and maintenance, you’ll be able to focus on what you need to, knowing that the roads and walkways are safe to use in the winter weather. Contact us to learn more or get a free quote if you are located in the Mid-Atlantic region.

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