How to secure the best snow removal contract in Montgomery County, MD

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Heavy snow in Montgomery County, MD

When you are working with a professional snow removal company in Montgomery County, Maryland you will need to sign a contract. A snow removal contract will outline the specific terms of service that you get for the amount you pay. Not all companies offer the same services. This is why it is important for you to locate the best contract out of all to make sure your driving and walking surfaces are safe all winter long. Here are some tips on how you can secure the best snow removal contract in Montgomery County, MD. 

Snow Removal Contract Types

For commercial businesses in Montgomery County, MD there are three primary categories of snow removal agreements: full-service, per event, and seasonal. 

  • Full-Service snow removal 

A full-service agreement is typically established for two to three years; this is the snow and icing removal equivalent of the Cadillac plan. Full-service clients typically get ALL of the service offerings mentioned below, so they don’t need to think about anything during the season. They can rest assured that a reliable snow and ice management company will keep their business walkways and parking lots clear all winter. This reduces risk and helps keep them open for business. For retail establishments who really desire a partner in battling the cold Montgomery County, MD weather, this is fantastic. Look for items to explain when services will be completed – how many inches must fall, will pre-treatment be included, how quickly will they come after the snow event, what areas will be cleared, what equipment will be used, is anything excluded, and will they cover any damage they might cause…

  • Seasonal snow removal 

Seasonal contracts are often negotiated every year at fixed costs for snow removal, allowing the law of averages to work in both the client’s and the snow contractor’s advantage. The customer will profit if a given winter has above-average snowfall, while the snow contractor is more likely to gain from a milder winter. Snow removal seasonal contract pricing is affected by a variety of things. Read your agreement carefully to see if there are limits on how much snowfall will be covered in Montgomery County, MD. It’s not uncommon to have a limit in inches. For example, the first 70 inches of snowfall might be included, then a per event fee might apply if that number of inches in snowfall is exceeded.

  • Per event snow removal 

If your contract is for each occurrence, you will only be charged if/when it snows. For example, once the snow has accumulated to a certain level, often 2-4 inches, your plowing services might begin. This is type of contract is a bit of a gamble. It may result in paying more or less than a full-service contract. Some businesses desire this because they are willing to take the risk and they might prefer an itemized bill at the end of every month showing exactly how much snow was removed and what services were performed.

Ice removal services

Some would argue that the greatest danger in the winter is actually ice instead of snow in Montgomery County, MD. Ice causes dangerous and costly slipping and falling for humans and a lack of traction for cars on your property. Regardless of what kind of snow removal contract you have, make sure it includes ice management.

A per event contract’s drawback is that it could only permit service when there is a certain quantity of snow lying on the ground, even if ice is present. They make an effort to emphasize the value of a snow clearing contract that guarantees your property is cared for in all circumstances, not just following a snowstorm. Here are some of the ice removal options: 

  • Liquid deicer pretreatment

In some of the commercial, retail and government sites we maintain in Washington DC and the Mid-Atlantic region, foot traffic really never ceases, so it’s critical that the pavement is always visible and free of ice. We use a number of cutting-edge strategies to combat ice. We are pioneers in the use of liquid deicer solutions, which are efficient in preventing ice from adhering to pavement while being less harmful to plants and structures than salt. Pre-treating surfaces with a liquid brine also makes clean up after the storm quicker and the results are better.

  • Rock Salt

All snow removal companies use some variation of salt to manage icy surfaces. Whether it’s rock salt, calcium chloride flakes, magnesium chloride pellets or another option, salt gets the job done. The exact choice in products depends heavily on the current temperature and the area being treated. For example, salts have a wide range of effective temperatures so the same product can’t be used for every storm. In addition, bulk rock salt is less expensive, so it’s used on roads and in parking lots, while a more expensive bagged salt might be used on sidewalks where it’s better for the environment in Montgomery County, MD.

Salt should be carefully applied in the right amount or it can be detrimental to people, pets, nearby equipment, and the environment. It can also be damaging to a building’s interior when visitors track it through their shoes or to the exterior when it becomes trapped in the permeable outermost layer of stone or concrete. Salt drains moisture from plants, which over time may cause havoc on a landscape.

Snow Relocation vs Snow Removal Services

The only aspect of professional snow removal that the majority of people are aware of is the use of plows. Another option with larger snow and ice management companies like Rasevic is literally relocating snow or melting it on the spot in Montgomery County, MD. Here are some fundamental options that prospective customers have for what occurs to snow once it has been cleared from key sections of their property.

  • Banking the snow

This is what automatically happens when snow is plowed out of vital areas of a parking lot. It works for organizations that have the room for snow to be piled high in parking lots or near walkways, without causing a huge loss of space or a dangerous visual barrier. For organizations with a lot of additional space that isn’t being utilized for other reasons, it’s a cheaper choice. Our Advice: The length of time it may take for snow banks to melt naturally is often underestimated. Large snow piles can sometimes linger in parking lots throughout the early summer and late spring. Keep that in mind…

  • Snow Relocation

A specialized service for organizations where space is limited is snow relocation services. In this case, snow is transported to a nearby snow field, where it melts on its own as the temperature rises or companies use equipment to melt the snow on site.

  • Shoveling, blowing, and snow plowing

Although snow plowing is perhaps the first method that is thought of when people consider snow removal, there are other methods for clearing sidewalks and roadways. Our staff also blows snow from walking areas and beds since there are specific sections of your property where a snowplow can’t and shouldn’t go. This makes it possible for your customers, staff, and renters to enjoy your trees and plants all year long, even when it’s frozen.

How Your Property Is Affected

  • Snow Removal Plan

Before your snow removal contract is locked in, it’s vital to review the plan. A snow removal plan will detail when snow removal will occur, what equipment will be used, and what areas of your property are included. It will also address how communication and potential property damage will be handled. Following the creation of a snow removal plan for clearing the sleet and ice from the property, it’s best to develop a backup strategy in case Murphy’s Law comes into play.

  • Designing a Plan

The snow removal company will develop a strategy for your business property in Montgomery County, MD after reviewing your choices with you. This takes into account not only the aforementioned issues but also the location of your property in relation to the snow contractor’s office and various salt storage facilities, as well as the best path for clearing snow from the property.

If your property is located in the Mid-Atlantic region including Maryland, Virginia, Delaware or the greater Washington D.C. area, contact Rasevic with questions or a free quote on professional snow removal services.