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There are some things you can do at your business or commercial property to help your professional snow removal service provider give you the best snow and ice management services possible. Today we’ll look at a few.

Early planning of Snow & Ice Management Services

Planning ahead for your commercial snow and ice management services is a key factor in making sure you get the best services possible for YOUR needs. Of course, this time of year in the dead of winter, it’s not exactly planning season. However, when March and April hit, it’s time to start considering which services you received and which you may want to add. For example, you may have thought you didn’t need snow relocation services, but did you struggle with parking space in your lot or dangerous snow piles that blocked visibility? Perhaps you tried to pass on ice management services thinking you could salt or clear sidewalks and walkways on your own. One expensive slip and fall lawsuit would certainly tend to change someone’s mind on neglecting that service.

Professional snow and ice contractors have the experience, materials, and equipment needed to make sure that your commercial or municipal property is safe. For example, Rasevic Snow Services has a diverse fleet of snow and ice management equipment including 4×4 trucks, heavy-duty dump trucks, skid steers, front-end loaders, and a large variety of salting equipment to conquer any storm. Getting professional services will not only lower your risk factor for lawsuits, but it also helps battle any lawsuits that may arise by proving you are doing all you can by hiring truly experienced professionals for more than just snowplowing.

Keep walkways and parking lots in good condition

Nothing destroys walkways, sidewalks, parking lots and road surfaces quicker than unrepaired cracks and holes in cold weather. Before the snow starts flying, make sure you are filling holes, leveling up surfaces, and repairing cracks. This will help keep ice and salt from getting under hard surfaces and further destroying them. Keeping all walkways and parking lots as smooth as possible will also help prevent damage from snowplows. Most snow contractors use snowplows that have trip blades which are easier on uneven surfaces, but it’s still best to keep surfaces as smooth as possible. Even if your snow contractor uses a snowplow blade with a trip mechanism, there will still be snow and ice patches after plowing wherever the surface isn’t smooth. Adding extra salt to these areas is a short-sighted solution because even the best ice melt products still cause some corrosion, further damaging the surface. Smooth walkways, sidewalks, parking lots, and road surfaces always hold up the best and provide the lowest risk for slip and fall incidents once plowed.

Get a Snow & Ice Management plan upfront

Whether you have a business, mall, movie theater, hospital, township, or government agency you should receive a snow management plan from your professional snow contractor. This will show you exactly how they plan to approach your property, usually with a detailed map of your property. Taking a tailored approach to your snow removal needs is important. Sometimes that’s because you need extremely clean surfaces after snow, and some companies just need a more basic approach. Either way, no snow removal plan is one-size-fits-all. If you want the best pricing for snow and ice management, ask for a plan specifically for your property.

Find out what technology will be used

Aside from having the proper snow removal equipment for any sized job, what technology is your snow contractor using? The best companies, like Rasevic, have tracking tools to help communicate with customers about their progress. They also have documentation tools so you can prove what services are being done and help protect your business or government facility from frivolous lawsuits.

Sign Your Snow Removal Contract Early

To get the best possible pricing on your snow and ice management contract, it’s vital that you don’t wait until fall or winter. By then, snow contractors are booked up and may have higher rates – or they might not be able to help you at all. As crazy as it may seem, the best time to get quotes, negotiate and sign up for snow contracting services is in the spring and summer. Get a detailed snow removal plan from your contractor(s) so you can compare apples to apples and sign up for the best snow removal service provider early. Ask questions like how much snow needs to fall when they come. Ask how they will notify you that they’ve been there. Ask what equipment they use to make sure walkways are safe. How do they reduce your risk? How long have they been in business? Do they have experience with your type of business? Those are just some of the questions that will demonstrate if a snow and ice management company is right for your commercial or government property.

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