6 Landscape Lighting Ideas to Beautify Your Property

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Landscape Lighting

Are you looking to light up your home this summer? Landscape lighting is a great way to show off all the beauty your outdoor space has to offer and make your house a spot of intrigue in both the day and night. Landscape lighting also allows you and your friends to comfortably enjoy your outdoor space at night, so the party never has to end! Check out these 6 landscape lighting ideas to get inspiration for your next summer project!

6 Landscape Lighting Ideas

1. Walkway Lighting

Invite your guests into your home this summer with illuminating walkway lighting. Walkway lighting helps to create a clear path to guide friends and family right up to your front door, and allows them to get a glimpse of your beautiful landscaping even in the dark. We recommend illuminating your path Have walkway lights professionally installed this summer to add a dimension of warmth and friendliness to your outdoor space.

2. Moon Lighting for Tall Trees

If you have expansive trees in your yard, you can add some reflective lights to give the illusion that the moon is illuminating your trees. Moon Lighting looks the most natural if small lights are hidden at least 35 feet in the air and directed upwards. Moon Lighting is a great backdrop for your nighttime bonfire or backyard patio and can set the tone for a magical night.

3. Hardscape Lighting

If you have a lot of stone work on your patio or even an outdoor kitchen and bar area, you may want to consider hardscape lighting. This design illuminates the many features of your outdoor space and creates a silhouette as your guest navigate your patio during evening events. Hardscape lighting works by covering small LED lights in silicone casing so they are protected during any weather conditions. Due to the complex nature of installation, it is recommended that you a hire a professional to ensure everything is completed properly and you can enjoy your backyard patio comfortably.

4. Create Shadows

You can utilize small spotlights to create contrast and add depth and intrigue to your home. Shining a spotlight on a top window of your home in a certain direction can create a shadow that exemplifies your architecture and adds dimension to your presentation. You want to be sure that you uplight both features on your home as well as plants and trees, as only illuminating your house takes away from your beautiful landscaping and outdoor space. Hiring a professional landscaper who specializes in design can help you to show off the best features of your property through uplighting and spotlights as you explore landscape lighting ideas.

5. Backlighting

While spotlights are great at illuminating features and creating intriguing shadows, using backlight can add a layer of drama and expansiveness. Backlighting the entrance to your home draws guests in and can make your door seem larger. If your door is a dark color, backlighting the surrounding pillars can deepen and enrich the color, making your home that much more inviting and luxurious.

6. Underwater Lighting Landscape Ideas

Installing lights in your pool, pond, or fountain creates a dramatic effect as the light reflects off the water. These lights can be normal or add color, and you can even find ones that alternate colors on a timer. Adding a dimmer will also allow you to control how much light is given off so you can increase it to add excitement and dim it when you don’t want much illumination.

Consult with a Landscape Lighting Ideas Professional: Rasevic Companies

No matter which landscape lighting ideas you decide to add to your home, it is important to consult with a professional landscaping design company, such as Rasevic Companies, in order to ensure your electrical engineering is properly installed. Faulty lights could lead to further expenses and damages to your home, so skip the DIY and go with a professional. Rasevic can also help you create a lighting design that is the most flattering to your space and accentuates the structural and architectural beauty to your home and outdoor space. For more on the services Rasevic Companies specialize in, click here to get a quote for your next landscape lighting project today!