Is your snow removal company ready for winter 2022-23?

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A snow clearing service may do a variety of tasks. While some provide all of these things, some just provide one or two. Use this list to choose the snow removal services that are best for you after taking into account how much snow you regularly get at your home or business.

Snow Plowing

Numerous localities provide quick access to household snow plow services. To remove snow from roads, they employ trucks as well as utility vehicles with snow plow blade extensions. If your driveway or parking lot is made of cement, use a snow removal company that also performs plowing. They can effectively remove it after a snowfall, and visitors or customers will have a way to drive in or out. Residential driveways are not typically cleared of snow by municipal snow plow services; only arterial roads are. However, professional snow removal companies like Rasevic will provide snow and ice management services for both home and business owners as well as government property managers.

Snow shoveling 

The most basic method of removing snow is snow shoveling – and it’s still used today, even by professional snow and ice management companies. Sometimes tight spaces demand that snow be removed manually with a shovel. Many snow contractors have compact equipment to keep actual shoveling to a minimum, but there are times when it’s still needed. Shoveling snow is a laborious task that requires a lot of work, particularly if you have to do it for both your driveway and your roof (yes, don’t forget your roof!). Fortunately, the majority of services will do that for you in exchange for a nominal price.

Snow blowing 

Employ a snow removal company that performs snow blowing if you reside in a region that has frequent heavy snowfall or if your property has narrow walkways. Heavy snow is defined by NOAA as snowfall that accumulates to a depth exceeding four inches more than in eight hours or less, or to at least six inches within 24 hours.

Regardless of how wet or dry the snow is, snow blowers can remove a lot of it rapidly. They are effective for removing snow off icy steps, walkways, and open spaces like a patio or driveway. However, they are unsafe for clearing snow off rooftops and could even harm your roof. Snow blowing is particularly helpful in compact areas when the snow is too wet to safely lift with a shovel.

Ask for references

Despite the fact that large volume snow contractors are often trustworthy, it never hurt to examine references to ensure you are signing up with a top-notch company. Verify the reliability, insurance, and track record of the snow contractor you are considering hiring. Ensure that the business is dedicated to safe operating procedures by looking into their safety record. Also ask about their process, plan and communication to see how reliable and professional they seem to operate.

Order ice removal and snow melting products

It is better if you can finalize your budget and purchase ice removal and snow melting products accordingly to keep a small amount on hand for DIY emergencies. This will help you to stay away from dangerous and expensive delays that can take place. You need to make sure that you are getting the most appropriate product depending on the situations you face. You can seek the assistance of your snow removal company for it as well. 

Get an estimate from the snow removal company 

Companies frequently provide a range of rates and service packages. Make sure you shop around to locate a business that provides what you want at a fair price. A “cheap” quotation can wind up costing customers more in the long-term due to insufficient or poor service, inefficient equipment, or inadequate insurance. Don’t forget to enquire about additional charges for extraordinary circumstances like very heavy snow or extra services like de-icing or detailing.

Evaluate the variety of snow removal services 

If one of your aims is zero-tolerance ice management, does the business you’re thinking about offer it? In order to keep ahead of the storm, do they treat parking lots and walkways before the precipitation even starts? Can they relocate snow off-site if piles get too high? Make sure the organization can give the level of service that you really need. Does the snow contractor provide specially formulated ice melt combinations that are designed for the region being serviced and the current conditions? Make sure your business is organized and ready for any winter situation that may arise.

Make sure that the contract and communications are clear 

To ensure that all the services that have been agreed upon are covered and priced fairly, you should carefully study your written agreement before employing any contractor. Examine the company’s procedures for tracking work-in-progress and the backup plans they have now in place in case of emergencies. How will they notify you that the service has been performed? You should feel at ease working with the firm you have chosen, and you should find out in advance how to get in touch with them via email, phone, or online services.

It’s also crucial that your winter snow management provider has a specialized communication strategy over their own to keep you informed before, during and after the storm. Look for phrases like “text or email notifications” and “24/7 weather monitoring.” This is what you should anticipate from the snow contractor.

Take a look at the emergency snow removal services available 

For various snow or ice occurrences, the top snow and ice companies have a thorough strategy in place. For light snowfall, blizzards, ice storms, and other winter occurrences that might result in power outages or a reduction in resources and manpower, they have detailed plans in place. No matter the weather, they will be prepared with equipment, routes planned, and a strategy to keep their clients informed and their locations clean.

Ensure that the snow removal company is insured 

Although it seems quite clear, a cheap snow plow alternative might be alluring. Companies with sufficient insurance may charge more than those without it. However, you should ensure that your professional snow removal provider has the same insurance coverage as your property – or more. To take a chance on a less expensive contractor given the hazards involved with ice and snow would be foolish.

Based on this list, you can decide whether your snow removal company is ready to help you with upcoming snow removal needs or not. Make sure that you sign the contract early as possible, so that you can stay away from problems that would come on your way in the long run. And if your property is located in Maryland, Virginia, Delaware or the greater Washington D.C. area, consider Rasevic!

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