5 Ways to Prepare Your Property For Snow Removal Next Winter

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Cracked and Damaged Asphalt in need of repair

With the warm weather here at last in the Washington DC area, most of us do not think about the cold and snow. Why think about winter now when the sun is shining and the breeze is warm? Because summer landscaping and surface improvements can make a big difference in how safe your property is next season. In other words, NOW is the time to prepare your property for snow removal next winter.

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Winter will come back around like it does every year.  Now is the time to make repairs and adjustments to your driveway and walkways before the snow starts flying, again. Here are 5 areas to start:

  1. Walk around the area that is plowed and determine if there was enough room for the plowed snow. Was it a mild winter? Would more room be needed for a harsher winter?
  2. Think about the location and if it is ideal. Is there another area that might work better? Ideal locations would allow melt water to drain away from the driveway, be convenient for your snow removal company, and not affect current landscaping.
  3. Some snow piles can get large. Take a walk around and think about the size and location of the plowed snow; did it obstructed visibility? If so, think about a change in location. Obstructed visibility is a big safety concern with winter driving.
  4. Take a look around and determine cleanup issues. Was the solid debris left after the snow melted easily removed? Is there plow damage to landscaping or lawn ornaments? You may want to relocate some of these items or talk to your snow removal company about taking extra care.
  5. Finally, examine the parking areas and walkways. You will want to make repairs nowbefore the snow and ice can get into the cracks and widen them. Pay attention to areas where the pavement has buckled from frost heaving. Uneven surfaces will collect water, make plowing difficult, and cause further damage from plow blades.

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