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If you need Olney Snow Removal, we are available to serve you.  Our headquarters are in Bethesda, and we have satellite locations throughout the Maryland and D.C. areas. You may love to live in Olney (after all, it has repeatedly ranked high in America’s best places to live), and we love to work in Olney.

Rasevic has provided snow removal services (plus home building and landscaping) since 1990.  We service municipalities, institutions, businesses, and homeowners.  We literally have hundreds of team members every winter equipped with the latest technology and the best training to remove snow and ice fast and cost effectively.

Our specialty is commercial snow removal and ice management in the Baltimore-Washington metropolitan area. Why should you care?  You can trust your property will stay safe during the winter yet our rates remain incredibly affordable.  We aim to be the best within our niche area of expertise.  While you can hire any “guy with a truck” to remove your snow, we provide the highest levels of service at value pricing.

Make sure you hire a company you can trust for your snow removal and ice management, a company that keeps your property safe for people to walk and drive on during the winter season; a company that also helps keep business safe from slip-and-fall lawsuits later on.

A Tailored Snow Removal Approach

How do you get the best deal on snow removal?  Surprising, you normally get the best “deal” by having a custom-designed plan for snow and ice removal for your property.  First, a custom plan ensures you get exactly the services you need without paying for services you don’t need.  Second, a proper plan will ensure the best equipment for the job is available and tells the team what to do so we don’t miss a beat and we can tackle the work that needs to be done as efficiently as possible. 

Quality commercial snow removal services require different approaches to every property. For example, if smaller areas need deicing, you may need ice melt applied with a drop spreader for accuracy instead of a broadcast spreader.  If parking space is limited, you may need snow relocation services to move snow off-site. Hiring a company with experience and the right equipment options helps make sure your property is safe and clear all winter long.

Our Olney Commercial Snow Removal Services include:

  • Snow plowing services
  • Snow plowing services
  • Snow shoveling & snow blowing for sidewalk snow removal
  • Salt for ice treatment (both preventative and after an ice storm)
  • Snow relocation & hauling Parking lot and sidewalk pretreatments
  • Advanced technology snow removal tracking and documentation
  • 24/7 “zero tolerance” snow removal available.

Is Rasevic Right for You?

Are you like some of our customers who need an always clean, “zero-tolerance” approach to snow removal on your property? Many of our clients need this option, so you can trust we already have the team and equipment to meet your needs.

Do you just need basic service to plow snow when a winter storm hits? We have you covered too.  At Rasevic, we ensure you get the best pricing we can give you by matching the service level to your needs.

Yet the best way to find out if Rasevic is right for you is to give us a call for a free quote.  We look forward to hearing from you today.