snow removal services - Rasevic, Bethesda, MD

You will often find us working on snow removal in the Palisades since it is one of our primary service areas.  We are one of the most popular snow removal companies in all of Washington, D.C., and we would be pleased to provide you with snow and ice removal this winter, too.

Headquartered in Bethesda, MD, Rasevic Snow Removal provides snow removal services to businesses, institutions, and municipalities since 1990.  Our team was even recognized with an article about us in the Washington Post.  We equip our team of over 700 snow fighters with the best training and the latest equipment to quickly and economically remove snow and ice fast, keeping everyone safe. 

When you contact us for a quote, you will see we use our broad experience to create an optimal plan for your property during the winter months.  Our careful planning gives you the best price in the Palisades at your needed level of service.

Our Experience Makes the Difference

We build custom homes, and we landscape residential and commercial properties during the spring, summer, and fall. The experience gained in building and landscaping during the non-winter months educates us on how to protect your property from damage during the winter. Don’t you want the comfort to know we plan your snow removal carefully before winter starts holistically, and not just what will save you a dollar during winter but destroy your landscaping for a barren spring?

It turns out you don’t need secret sauce for excellent yet affordable snow removal. You just need proper planning and faithful execution of that plan, which is precisely what you can expect from Rasevic.

If you own commercial property, it is helpful for you to know we carefully document the work completed in our proprietary software. Our software gives you the consistent communication you need to know the current status of your snow removal.

Snow Removal Services from Rasevic include:

  • Snow plowing services
  • Sidewalk snow removal
  • Parking-lot and sidewalk snow & ice pretreatments
  • Ice Treatment with salt, sand or chemicals
  • Snow hauling & relocation
  • Advanced technology snow removal tracking and documentation
  • 24/7 “zero tolerance” snow removal is available

A Tailored Snow Removal Approach

Get more than a one-plow-fits-all solution for your snow removal. Your property requires unique snow removal services because your property is different than everyone else’s. By custom tailoring your snow removal, we keep your costs low and the service level just right for your needs. 

For example, when you need to melt ice, do you want the cheapest option or an option that won’t leave a ton of gray footprint in your entryway? There are products and application methods that mean less visible salt in your building. If parking space is limited, you may need snow relocation services to move snow off-site. Hiring a company with experience and the best equipment helps make sure your property is safe and clean of winter hazards all season long.

Call Today for a Free Quote

Many people are surprised how inexpensively we can remove snow ice from their property while maintaining a high level of service, and now you know why.  So, before you turn to “a guy with a truck,” make sure you give us a call to get your own free, no obligation quote.