Home Theater Design & Media Room Guide: Add Wow Factor!

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home theater design

Bethesda, Washington, DC and Baltimore are all cities with magnificent mansions and elegant homes. Adding high tech home theaters in these homes has become a popular option. They provide high-end cinematic experiences for their owners who settle for nothing less than the very best. At Rasevic, we’ve seen a thing or two after 25+ years of luxury home construction and remodeling. We’ve … Read More

Complete Mid-Atlantic Winter Prep Guide for Your Home & Yard


Mid-Atlantic winter prep leaves autumn

If you live in the Bethesda, MD, greater Washington, DC, or Baltimore areas, you know that there are things you should do for Mid-Atlantic winter prep to keep your home in top condition all winter long. This goes beyond cleaning out gardens and gutters. There are many areas of your home and yard that need winter prep for the cold, snowy, icy … Read More

Retaining Wall & Hardscaping Options for Beautiful Landscapes


retaining wall hardscaping sample

New home construction, or upgrades to existing homes, usually requires attention to the outside of the home as well as the inside. Beautiful landscapes immediately come to mind, especially in mature greenery area of Bethesda, Maryland where we are located. Once colorful blooms have burst on the scene, you have instant curb appeal. However, many times retaining walls and hardscaping are needed too. But … Read More

Winter Landscape: Perfect Outdoor Plants for Winter Landscaping in DC


winter landscape - winter jasmine flower covered in frost

For gardeners and homeowners in the Maryland-DC area, winter doesn’t have to mean sterile white, dead gardens. There are many plants you can add to your winter landscape that bloom in winter – even in our area! Now is the perfect time to look around your garden and think about ways to bring color and texture to your winter landscape. Here … Read More

What to Watch for in a Montgomery County Snow Removal Contract

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Montgomery County snow removal - Maryland

Trusting your Montgomery County and Washington DC area snow removal services to a professional keeps you from devoting your own resources to dealing with the snow and ice. But just like any other service, make sure you have a snow removal contract in writing so there are no surprises down the road. Here are some things to consider and watch for … Read More

10 Tips To Prepare Your DC & Bethesda Gardens for Fall


Bethesda Gardens - Paprika Virag Flower Bed

With the flurry of spring planting over, it’s time to pick up your hoe, wipe your brow, and consider… Fall. Yup, that’s right. Even as the kids are splashing around in the pool and your significant other is grumbling about the heat, you have to face the facts that cooler weather is just around the corner. Summer can’t last forever. … Read More

How to Have a Greater Great Room in Your Bethesda Home

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Great Room and Kitchen

It’s such an exciting time to build or renovate a home in the Bethesda area! There are many new and unique home trends to consider. But one home feature that was introduced about 15 years ago and looks like it is here to stay is having a Great Room. A Great Room turns the family room and kitchen into one combined … Read More

Attention Homeowners: How to Avoid Scams & Scammers

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avoid scams scammers - grandma on phone

When we really start to think about it, it’s a sad world we live in today. The internet has opened up a world of opportunity for businesses and homeowners seeking ideas. But unfortunately it has also opened the door to scammers and thieves. We like to do our part to educate business leaders and homeowners. Usually that education just includes … Read More

Creative Outdoor Kitchen & Patio Ideas for MD & DC Homes

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outdoor kitchen patio

Ahhhh. Summer is upon us and the weather in Maryland and Washington DC is consistently warmer. It’s a great time to be outdoors, and many people like the idea of cooking and eating outside. This is why the most luxurious Maryland area homes have a creative outdoor kitchen and patio entertainment area. Adding an outdoor kitchen to your home gives it a huge “wow” … Read More

Montgomery County Landscape & Garden Tips for Small Spaces


small urban garden: Montgomery County landscape

Montgomery County landscape and gardens need to conform to smaller spaces. The average lawn size in Montgomery County is a bit over 2,000 square feet. But the small urban garden is a magical place with the right elements of style and design. A small backyard has the potential to become a room-like sanctuary. And a front or side yard adds … Read More